While few would have pegged Rob Machado as a gamer ("I was into the first Tony Hawk for a bit and Super Mario Brothers..and some Atari, but that's about it," swears Machado), this week marks the release of the Rob Machado Online Experience's third and final installment: ECO.

For those unfamiliar with the online video game, here's a quick breakdown: Log on to Dragon's website, register to play, and then get digitally shacked in the game's three separate stages.

The final stage, Eco, revolves around surfing environmentally threatened wave zones. "It's about getting in tune with nature," says Machado. "You're surfing waves that are endangered, and there's a connect between any and all organizations that are trying to protect those waves. "

When all 3 games are completed, 1 overall winner from each of the 5 Global regions will win an all expenses paid trip to hang out with Rob in California for 1 week.

In addition to the grand finale prize in California, the top 5 winners of each game will receive signed sunglasses by Rob Machado along with free giveaway packs filled with Dragon gear for the remaining top 10.

Check out DragonAlliance.com for more information.