Three days into the 2017 Tour and we’ve already got three perfect rides in the books. What do these rides tell us about the current state of competitive surfing on the highest level? Perfection comes in many forms.

Lakey Peterson did it first. She ripped her way to the first perfect score of 2017, and after a year of injuries and setbacks, there’s no denying that the Santa Barbara native is back and ready to rumble. Her perfect score was achieved during Round Two of the Roxy Pro, and what a glorious combo it was: Hard cutbacks, critical snaps, and a sneaky little inside barrel. Check, one.

Italo Ferriera took it to the air, spun fast, and landed perfectly through an upheaval of whitewash. Did you expect anything else? If there’s one person who’s going to grab a perfect score for a single maneuver, you’re looking at him. Unlike the others, Ferreira’s whip was a composed Hail Mary. He threw it out there on the wedgiest of walls, and when such things go accordingly, expect the judges to throw 10s again and again. Check, two.

Zeke Lau might not have won his heat against 10-year veteran Jordy Smith, but he did prove that he’s ready to battle the biggest names on the world stage. To drop a perfect ride during your time on the World Tour is what every surfer hopes to achieve. To drop it during your first ‘CT contest cements your name on an even more exclusive list (brb looking into who else is on that list). Unlike Ferreira’s one-hit 10-point air, Zeke’s ride came in the form of a one-hit draining, standup tube. What does that mean? Tubes withstand the test of time, that’s what. Check, three.

[Title Photo: Chachi]