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We took advantage of a break on the WCT to meet in Indonesia for the
standard Mentawai boat trip: Andy Irons, Shane Dorian, Joel Parkinson, Luke Egan, and myself. Nothing super adventurous–just a chance to
get away and do some surfing with friends–get a bit feral. On a trip
like this everyone treats each other as mates–there’s no ego clashes.

Joel was drinking lots of beers. He’d sink a few beers and go fishing
but always seemed to come back empty handed. Pretty funny, actually.
Andy and Shane were on the major film festival. They were watching The
Godfather trilogy, the Austin Powers trilogy, the whole f#@kin’ Star
Wars trilogy, just powering through the DVDs. Meanwhile, Luke would be
messing around on his computer, editing footage he’d shot on the tour
all year and checking everyone’s surfing out.

I’m sure despite all the camaraderie everyone was slyly checking each
other out, gaining an understanding of each other’s strengths and
weaknesses which might help when they’re surfing against each other in
contests. But the whole competitive thing seemed light years away. It
was so cool to watch these guys just surf. All of them would ride
longboards or grab a bodyboard for a session or just go body
surfing…whatever. It was so great to see that even surfers of this
ability level enjoy all these different aspects of surfing. That’s
probably the best thing to take from a trip like this.