For the Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational’s 16th event, the free-wheeling contest is mixing up its format with a roster of women invitees only. 16 of traditional longboarding’s most stylish women will hit the water with their leash-less single-fin logs in Huntington Beach during the VANS US Open of Surfing on Friday, August 3rd and Saturday, August 4th.

The Duct Tape Invitational is the brainchild of eight-time US Open of Surfing Champion Joel Tudor. The contest is a global platform for traditional longboarding and provides a unique festival atmosphere for today's most progressive logging icons. The innovative surf series upholds progression, craftsmanship and tradition in and out of the water.

As always in the Duct Tape, as an encouragement for surfers to ride the same wave with style and creativity, additional prize money will be awarded for best shared wave, while honoring the ladies's rule of no interference.

For details on the format, prizes, list of invitees and SURFER’s special features on the Duct Tape Invitational recently held in Zarautz, Spain, see below.


16-woman format/ 4-woman heats/ 2 days
Top two advance from each heat
25 minute heats/ 40-minute final
No interference – Ladies's priority

Prize Money – $24,000 Prize purse

1st – $8,000
2nd – $6,000
3rd – $4,000
4th – $2,000

Additional $4k Shared Wave Bonus Cash
$500 for best two woman wave rode each heat
$1,000 for best two women heat rode in final

Duct Tape US Open 2018

Hallie Rohr

Ivy Thomas

Tory Gilkerson

Honolua Blomfield

Karina Rozunko

Kelis Kaleopaa

Kassia Meador

Mia Larson

Kaitlin Maguire

Mele Saili

Sierra Lerback

Jen Smith

Erin Ashley

Makala Smith

Ashley Lloyd

Kelia Moniz