Divine Picks

On display through June 2nd, an exhibition of select photographs spanning thirty years of work from master lens-man Jeff Divine. Beautifully presented in the luminous glass and wood assembly room of the Ocean Institute, the exhibit offers a glimpse of Divine's unique surf perspectives. The show coincides with the Institute's current tsunami focus and Divine is hopeful that his photographs offer a reminder of how beautiful the ocean-environment is. "A little kid could get warped for life if he was scared by the idea of a tsunami," Divine said. "The purpose of my show is to reflect the beauty of waves and their environment, and to show surfers having fun harnessing the energy of waves." The photographs have visual energy and provide a surfer the feeling of visiting familiar territory. Divine explained that the photographs he chose to display are "about texture and lighting, the gold of sunrise over the water." The intimacy of the images sparks a lifetime of surfing associations—moments of surprise, yearning, and wonder.

The Ocean Institute is non-profit, educational organization focusing on marine science and maritime history. Built on the bones of Killer Dana, there's still a good vibe there with a lively inter-tidal zone in front and occasionally a wave to be ridden amongst the rocks. It's not the clean right slide of historical photos, but a good place to watch the water nonetheless. It's a cheap date too—for five bucks you can cruise the impressive Ocean Institute with its scientific displays, oceanographic installations, and native fish tanks. There is also a wave-modeling tank that puts a surfer into engineer mode as he or she watches perfect swells stand up and pitch into close-out barrels. Got to come up with a reef or sand bar for that thing and really have some fun! So check it out with your sweet heart, then have a sandwich and a beverage of your choice on the benches by the breakwater.

Weekdays 8am—5pm
Weekends 10am—3pm

(13 yrs. +) $5.50
(4-12 yrs.) $3.50