Earth To Meekus Info

The Earth To Meekus- Unsponsored Tour dates:

What: A play/surf day with kids in the area and a viewing of the Earth To Meekus film, directed by the Malloys.

Who: The Malloys, Rob Machado, Pat O’connell.

August 6th: Santa Cruz, CA
August 7th: Ventura, CA
August 8th: Laguna Beach, CA
August 9th: San Diego, CA
August 10th: Melbourne, FL
August 11th: Jacksonville, FL
August 12: Day Off
August 13th: Kitty Hawk, NC
August 14th: Virginia Beach, VA
August 15th: Ocean City, MD
August 16th: Avalon, NJ
August 17th: Brendan Borek Surf Memorial, NJ

If you have questions or need more information, please call the information hotline @ 949/375-2325.