CRASH THE COAST: An Epic East Coast Adventure Begins

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. The hurricanes have come. The leaves have begun swirling. And SURFER has taken notice.

Starting tomorrow, SURFER will embark on an epic East Coast adventure armed with nothing but surfboards, a pickup truck, and pure, unadulterated optimism. We’re starting our storm in Miami and trucking as far north as we can get in 14 days – aiming for the tip of Maine – maybe Nova Scotia if we’re really lucky. It’s hard to get too specific on a somewhat open-ended surf trip.

We hope to meet up with as many crews as possible along the way, getting to know what makes the place tick. So stay tuned for daily updates, photo galleries, and smorgasbord of all things east in the next two weeks. If you’re posted on the Right Side and want to be a part of the expedition send me an email at and hopefully we can stop by your hometown, your local surf shop, whatever you want…or tell us not to come by. That’s cool too.

See you in the Atlantic soon…