EDDIE MIGHT GO: Backdoor Shootout On Hold as Waimea Looks Promising

Dawn broke clear and crisp this morning on the North Shore, but
no cigar for either the Quikslver Big Wave Invitational nor Da Hui
Backdoor Shootout. Event officials at Pipeline sat on it till 11
a.m. Hawaii time before pulling the plug with 2nd reef closeouts
still pouring through Ehukai beach. Up/down the coast at Waimea Bay
it was just the opposite — last night’s peak of the northwest swell
hit around 15′-18′ and by dawn there were just the odd ‘bigger than
Pinballs’ set coming through, with a 40+ crowd to chew on the remains
of winter’s first legit. swell of ’08. OK, everyone, go get stuck in
that classic big surf traffic jam out there, grab the coffee and
munchies at Foodland and figure out something else till the swell
drops down to mortal heights for most everyone else…..