Egoscue Training Method

So you had a good winter surfing your local spots and you think you’re in shape, and that may be the case–relatively. It’s time to step it up a few notches as the Egoscue Sports Camp is about to kick into gear.

Named after author and famed physical trainer Pete Egoscue, the intense exercise regimen he created, based on muscloskeletal focus or proper alignment, is a proven discipline to improve longevity, strength and endurance. Apart from football, tennis and basketball players, Eli Mirandon and Austin Ware, both North County professional surfers, swear by the program. “I feel physically stronger and less prone to injury,” says Ware. “I work on muscles I don’t use while surfing, so it’s also a great type of cross-training.”

The Camp, running from June 23 to July 18 in Del Mar, involves two daily workouts in different locations, but its headline feature is “The Patch,” a strenuous obstacle course built primarily from logs for lunging, leaping and balancing.

Whatever your activity, realizing there’s always room to improve is key for motivation. And getting involved with the Egoscue Method will help you actualize your maximum potential. For more information, call 1-800-995-8434 or online at