On Rehabbing A Knee Injury, And Committing To The WQS In 2009

East Coasters anticipate hurricane season like a starving man awaits a meal. But this fall, Florida's Eric Geiselman was forced to go hungry when he split his femur during the first swell of the season. Following three months of rehab, Geiselman went to Hawaii last month to "work out the kinks," which, for him, meant tossing off inverted airs like he hadn't missed a day. Recently, SURFER caught up with the 20-year-old to see where he's headed now that he's back in the water.

So, how'd you break your leg?

It was from my board. I got back to Florida from that trip to Indo with Dusty Payne and Jordy Smith [The Edge of Reason ] right as all those hurricanes started to hit, and I hurt myself the first morning we had waves. I was getting barreled and fell and my board hit me. It was weird, it hit me right in the knee and the fin split my femur bone where it goes into the knee joint. It was a strange fracture. So I had to get three pins and do some rehab. But I've been getting back in the water—the first time was in Hawaii. I didn't surf any of the gnarly waves, I didn't get Pipe, but I was out there, just trying to get back into it.

What are your plans for the year ahead now that you're healed?

Well, last year I surfed some contests on the 'QS, but it wasn't a full run. So this year, I'm going to try to do my first full run at it. I'm going to probably do at least 12 events. I'm going to see how it goes at first. If I bomb…I don't know, I'm just going to take it as it comes. And I'm planning on going on some really good photo and video trips. I want to just work on my profile and get good waves.

Any specific trips lined up or videos you're working on?

Not yet. I'm trying to just get as much footage as I can. My main goal is just trying to film and shoot a lot. After the Sebastian contest, I'm going to go to Hawaii for probably a month. So I'm looking forward to that. I want to get my North Shore season under my belt since I kind of missed out on it a little bit because of my knee. So yeah, just going to cruise over there and slowly select some of the six-star events coming up.

Sounds like a solid plan. Good luck.

Thanks a lot. We'll see how it goes.