Eternal Reefs

Possibly inspired by the surf spot “Dead Man’s,” a company in Georgia, of all places, offers an unusual final resting place. Instead of being sprinkled on the water’s surface or packed in a jar as mantle ornament, your loved ones’ cremated remains, or cremains, can be put in an artificial reef ball and dropped into the ocean to stimulate undersea population. And, if properly placed, they could add some juice to an otherwise lifeless surf zone.

Atlanta-based Eternal Reefs ( currently installs memorial reef balls in coastal locations in 40 countries worldwide, including the U.S., Australia, Indonesia and the Maldives. The reef balls look like huge, concrete Whiffle balls cut in half. They have six-inch shells, weigh up to 4,000 pounds and can withstand hurricane-force swells. It’s environmentally friendly too, and a pretty reasonable deal when you consider the barrel of your life could be due to someone’s death.