Photo: Kenworthy

Photo: Kenworthy

In 2009, Evan Geiselman was ranked 13th on the ASP North America Pro Junior Series and didn’t make a Pro Junior Final. This year he's the 2010 ASP North America Junior Champion­, won the Pro Junior at this year's US Open, will be going to the Oakley and Billabong World Junior Championships, and is currently filming with Kai Neville, the director of Modern Collective, for the Aussie's next movie. We sat down with Evan to find out what ignited his recent explosion of success.

With your recent achievements, has this been the best year of your young career?

Oh yeah, by far. Really a breakthrough year as far as contests go, and it seems like everything else just came together.

What are you doing different this year?

Having confidence and not over-thinking. Confidence is the key to winning—you can't think you're going to lose. I was thinking too much and that was hurting me. I honestly went into it with my overall goal just being to qualify for Worlds [Oakley and Billabong World Junior Championships]. I won a three-grade event at Sebastian Inlet, and with the shorter year, to win a grade-three is huge. So I thought I might as well just give it 100 percent and try to win it.

What was your win like at the US Open's Nike 6.0 Junior Pro?

That was unbelievable. Hearing the horn blow and everyone on the pier yelling was overwhelming. With all the people beach cheering you on, it's the one contest that is really like surfing in a stadium. The win was a dream come true, and I'm so thankful.

How do you feel going into the Nike 6.0 Unsound Junior Pro in Long Beach, NY?

I've never been up to New York before, but I am pretty confident on the East Coast. The water buoyancy is way different than in California, so board-wise you don't need a lot of foam. I'm just going to take it one heat at time.

And then you head off to Bali for the Oakley World Junior next month?

Going to Bali will be the biggest event for me, as far as Juniors go. I am just going to have fun and surf smart heats. I've surfed Keramas quite a bit, and it's one of my favorite waves over there—it has perfect lip for going backside. I'm really looking forward to it, and I'll be getting out there a week early to get ready.

Where will Evan Geiselman be in four years?

I will be 21, and being on the World Tour by then is a huge goal of mine. But I also want to take a year off, where I just surf and have fun and do select contests. I think it's good to do that, because you can just refresh your surfing and improve it before being on Tour.