The women’s World Tour finished last week after Steph Gilmore won the Maui Pro and Tyler Wright took her second-straight Title, which means all that’s left in the 2017 season is for the men to face off at Pipe in a few days. Setting aside the odds for Jordy Smith and Julian Wilson, the two surfers best positioned to win the World Title are World No.1 John Florence and World No.2 Gabriel Medina. Both are arguably the world’s most talented surfers. They both have the chance to win their second career Title. And most of surf media seems bent on manufacturing a rivalry between the two (not that we wouldn’t like to see one).

We got to thinking: what if we could watch all of John’s and Gabriel’s excellent-scoring rides from the year in one place? No window toggling, no militant wordsmithery. Just the best rides from the two Title frontrunners. Our video director Alex Kilauano gathered every 9.0-and-higher score from Florence and Medina, shaved some frames, and dropped the two below highlight reels onto our YouTube channel.

Even if you’re not firmly for Team John or Team Gabby, give them both a watch. They’re some of the most powerfully-surfed waves we’ve seen on Tour in recent years.

If you ARE for John or Gabby, by all means, let us know in the comments section.