While the best method of staying in great surfing-shape might be spending as much time as possible in the water, sometimes you gotta spend a little extra time on land honing your physical game. Maybe you’ve got a bum knee, back, shoulder or any other joint that has succumbed to the demands of aging. Or, maybe you’ve spent a little more time watching Netflix and throwing back lagers. Either way, getting in better shape–and improving your cardio, core and flexibility–can only enhance your surfing.

Product disclaimers will always tell you to consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program, but unless you have had some kind of recent reconstructive surgery, we don’t imagine your doctor isn’t going to encourage you to get off your ass and start using some of the workout gear below.

We’ve found a list of gear you might want to look into in order to get back to fighting shape and throwing buckets again. Finding the inspiration is up to you.

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