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Reckless Abandon
How the Bush Administration is Exposing America’s Waters to Harm
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Bush’s 7 Deadly Sins
Sierra’s staff curmudgeon tallies the president’s environmental crimes.
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Foes Kick Sand on Beach Buildup
Corps of Engineers will probably dump the fill off Newport instead of extending shoreline.
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El Nino Almost a Sure Thing
A weak El Nino, a weather pattern that distorts wind and rainfall patterns worldwide, is expected to develop in the central Pacific by the end of this month, U.S. government forecasters said
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Scientists Say Risk of Water Wars Rising
Will the future be fought over access to cool, clear water? Probably.
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NASA experts report drought forecast breakthrough
Climate experts at NASA believe they have found a way of forecasting droughts and floods months in advance.
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A Feast Interrupted
Mechanical "beach grooming" — practiced for decades — helps keep up the classic sand-and-surf image that draws millions of people to the region's beaches, but it also sweeps away a resource for wildlife.
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Surfrider Executive Director Chris Evans Accepts Superior Court Appointment and Announces His Surfrider Resignation
The Executive Director of the San Clemente based Surfrider Foundation, Christopher J. Evans, Esq., has been appointed to the Orange County Superior Court bench as a Commissioner, and will be resigning as the Surfrider Foundation’s Executive Director effective September 16th, 2004.
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Rincon PR Again Under the Gun
The Rincn Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation and a local resident seek injunctive relief to stop construction of a four story building in Rincn.
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Charley Causes ‘Significant Loss of Life”
At a mobile home park and deputies were standing guard over stacks of bodies because the area was inaccessible to ambulances.
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Hurricane Intensified Unexpectedly Near Florida
In spinning up from a relatively unremarkable Category 2 storm to the extreme Category 4 level in just five hours yesterday, Hurricane Charley illustrated the limits that still dog hurricane forecasting.
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Fla. official: Charley death toll to rise
President declares disaster; governor sees possible $15 billion toll
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Lockyer Decries an O.C. Toll Path
California Atty. General Warns Toll Road Agency on Trestles Route
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Critics Say Developers’ Report Skirts Key Issues
Testing of possible toxic waste sites is ignored, environmentalists say. Rancho Mission Viejo officials point out that the study is preliminary.
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Action Alert: Help Protect Waves and Beach Access in Oregon
A 350 to 600-foot rip-rap revetment (seawall) at the base of the North Tillamook Jetty at a surf break called Barview. It’s one of the few breaks with south wind protection on the entire coast.
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Hearst Ranch to Block Surfers??
Help Protect Beach Access in Central California
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Scientists probe the Pacific Ocean depths in search of the Dead Zone
A huge mass of sub-Arctic water with very low levels of oxygen and high levels of nutrients off central Oregon.
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El Nino Forecast to Return to Pacific in 3 Months
Could possibly develop by late 2004.
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Padre Island At Risk?
Is new natural gas drilling on the way?
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Malaria experts abuzz on global warming fears
With malaria’s history of surviving in the cold, experts are at odds about how far modern global warming may spread one of the planet’s most deadly diseases which kills a million people a year in poor countries.
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Scientists Alarmed By Invasive, Deep Water Coral In Hawaii
Destroying Hawaii’s famous and valuable black coral reefs in deep waters below about 245 feet deep. Scientists have only fairly recently become aware of the extent of the problem and are quite alarmed at the damage already done to black coral.
Read more at http://www.stopextinction.org.

7 Mile Long Garbage Slick Hits Northern NJ Coast
An approximate 7 mile long garbage slick off the coast of Sandy Hook, NJ (a prime surf spot) is starting to wash on shore, bringing with it syringes, tampons, medical waste, and other garbage.
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Surfrider Malibu Chapter Achieves Victory Concerning Golf Course
A big win by helping to strengthen the environmental safeguards for future operation of the Perenchio Golf Course in Malibu.
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60 Dams To Be Removed in 2004
Obsolete dams are being removed to help rejuvenate river and coastal ecosystems.
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Military and industry sonar harms whales, says IWC report
Sonar used by the military to spot enemy submarines is to blame for increasing cases of whales being stranded on beaches and dying, the scientific committee of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) said in a report this week.
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Woman’s Fight to Get Cars Off the Beach in Florida
Says they cause a plethora of environmental damage to the beach, in addition to the obvious safety hazards posed to people, wildlife, and plants at the shore.
Read more at http://www.jacksonville.com.

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