Fanning’s Beer Commercial

Mick Fanning loves beer. It's a fact that's obvious to even the most casual observer: One of the best-selling items of footwear in the industry is a pair of signature Fanning flops with a bottle opener on the sole; he has a high profile Mr. Hyde side to his personality named Eugene, who appears whenever Mick tips too many coldies; and he famously won a world title by keeping said alter-ego under wraps for an entire season (and by being extremely fit and focused…but never mind that).

Further evidence of this endearing—and quintessentially Aussie—love affair surfaced recently on Australian television. Promoting one of the premier beer brands in Oz, Victoria Bitter, and its "VB Top Ticket" contest, Fanning apparently agreed to meet one lucky VB drinker in Hawaii for a surf, a volleyball game, some Kalua pig, and a day on the beach during next year's Pipe Masters. (Maybe Eugene'll even show up.)
Check out for details on how to enter (Disclaimer: you have to be Australian to be eligible), or click below to watch the ad, which features Fanning and a semi-creepy mannequin, to see what a day on the beach with Mick might be like.