Fantasy Surfer Winner

An interview with the 2011 Fantasy Surfer Champ Paul Segawa

La Libertad, El Salvador, where Paul Segawa is headed thanks to Fantasy Surfer and Adventure Sports Tours.

We'll be the first to admit that we were a little shocked to hear that Hawaii's Paul Segawa has only been playing Fantasy Surfer for two seasons. But apparently, the Oahu-based graphic designer has an edge to his game, as he just took the overall win. With the grand prize trip for two to El Salvador in his future, we rang up Paul to gain some insight into how he managed to beat out thousands of avid players to take top honors.

So how'd you get your start in Fantasy Surfer?

I'm actually pretty new to Fantasy Surfer. I got started about two-and-a-half years ago when a friend of mine talked me into it. He had a clubhouse with about 14 guys and I came into it about halfway through the season. That's how I came up with my name on Fantasy Surfer: 2L8. Pronounced “Too Late,” as in, I started playing too late.

Did you have a specific strategy when you first started?

To be honest, my strategy was not to do too bad and be the brunt of any jokes in our clubhouse. There's a lot of trash-talking in the clubhouse and I was just trying to avoid getting too much of that. But I finished up that season in second in our clubhouse, so at the end of the day, it turned out pretty good. I'm stoked.

Sounds like it. You went from second place in your clubhouse to winning the whole thing. Have you rubbed it in your friends’ faces yet?

Nah, they don't event know I won yet. I'm still having trouble believing that it's real. But I usually try and keep it pretty mellow. There were a few events where I did really well, and I sort of played it off with the other guys like I didn't even know who won or anything. But I guess when this story comes out they're all gonna know.

The Grand Prize winner, perfecting his forehand for the right points of El Salvador.

So do you have any advice that you're willing to part with?

Well, I want to keep a few secrets, but the mid-year cut really helped me out. That and Owen Wright. Owen was a big help for sure. I feel like I should almost tell him thanks or something. But I basically kept the core of my team the same throughout the whole season, but just switched up a few guys. Josh Kerr was also a really good pick.

So are you excited about your trip to El Salvador?

I'm pretty psyched for sure. I can't wait to get down there and surf a pointbreak. I'm thinking about bringing our clubhouse commissioner. He's the one that talked me into getting into Fantasy Surfer, so it'd definitely be cool to do that for him.

Paul's trip to the AST Surf Hotel in La Libertad is provided by Adventure Sports Tours. Check out their packages at