Fantasy Surfer Grand Prize Announced

Winner Will Head To Gold Coast For The Weekend

So you're having a rough start to your Fantasy Surfer season. Kelly's all over the place, Bede's been uncharacteristically erratic, and the ASP's changing their rulebook mid-season. We feel for you, we really do. To cheer you up, we're announcing the Grand Prize for the 2009 Men's Fantasy Surfer winner and the good news is that you, my friend, are still very much in the race.

This year's winner and a companion are headed out to the Gold Coast for a week with VIP passes for the Quiksilver Pro with a round trip flight for two and accommodations completely comped. But here's the best part: This year, only your top six scores of the 10 events count towards your final score, so if you haven't signed up yet or your teams haven't been looking so hot, there's still plenty of time for redemption. Just sign up and pick your team before J-Bay and you're still in the hunt for a free trip to Oz for the Quiksilver Pro. But don't wait too long as J-Bay starts July 9.

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