DON'T MISS THE BOAT: Fantasy Surfer 2007 Presented by Boost Mobile

SURFER Magazine is giving YOU a cool $50 million to go on a boat trip. There is only one catch, to get on the boat you must successfully manage a surf team with eight of the worlds best competitive surfers. The decisions you make as manager of your team directly affects whether or not you'll be on the boat or not.

Don't miss the boat.

The annual league presented by SURFER Magazine and Boost Mobile allows you to create this team, and now is the time to pick your players. The game is simple:

1.) Go to
2.) Select eight surfers with your $50 million
3.) Watch the ASP webcast, preferably while blowing off work to check up and your team and think about future trades
4.) Accrue points throughout the season depending on how well they finish and collect some sweet prizes.

You may also promote your armchair managerial style by creating exclusive clubhouses for just you and a few buddies, and play against top surfing professionals like Shane Dorian and Kelly Slater. There are absolutely no rules limiting smack talk or bragging rights obtained by scoring better than your friends. It's all free, and super easy.

Prizes will be awarded for highest point score each individual contest, as well as the grand prize boat trip for 2 awarded to the top finisher at the end of the season. Stats and standings will be available all season long, as well as open forums for discussion and banter.

With the Fiji contest cancelled, a hot new crop of rookies, and what looks to be a continuation of the Andy-Kelly rivalry, the 2007 WCT season will be one of the most challenging and exciting years for players. So go to, register your team (both mens and womens) absolutely free and be prepared to watch each ASP webcast with a vested interest in how your team members perform.