Fiji Pro is Still a Go

Despite whispers of the event's demise, the Volcom Fiji Pro is confirmed to run

Although this year has seen the loss of J-Bay as a World Tour event, breaks like Restaurants and Cloudbreak may keep the Tour looking dreamy. Photo: Maassen

Despite a slew of rumors touting the impending demise of the Volcom Fiji Pro, the ASP announced today that the World Tour event will proceed as scheduled. The holding period for the inaugural event will commence on June 3 and run until June 15.

On the heels of the news of the Billabong Pro at J-Bay being reduced to a 6-Star event, word spread through the industry that the Volcom Fiji Pro was also in jeapordy of being cancelled. Had the event been cut, it would have marked the fourth contest of the season to fall from the schedule. Prior to the start of the 2012 season, it was announced that the Quik Pro New York along with the mobile Rip Curl Search event would not return this year.

In a story posted on Stab magazine titled "Tour Loses Another Major" it was inferred that the event would indeed be cancelled, but due to an ASP rule, the announcement could not be made while another event was in progress. At the time of the story's posting, the Quik Pro at Snapper was in full swing.

The release from the ASP today gave no mention of the rumors regarding the event and touted their optimism surrounding the return to Fiji.

"Volcom’s decision to bring the world’s best surfers back to one of the most iconic locations on the planet provides the perfect addition to ASP International’s solid stable of elite events in 2012," Matt Wilson, ASP International Contest Director, said. "Volcom have planted their flag at two of the very best waves on the planet with their ASP 5-Star at Pipeline and now the Volcom Fiji Pro and it's something that the surfers, the industry, the media and the fans are all very excited about."

The release also went onto cite a building enthusiasm from Volcom regarding the contest. "We are starting to get real excited about the event as June is just around the corner,” Brad Dougherty, Volcom VP of surfing, said. "Fiji is a very special place and we are ecstatic to now be part of the WCT. The Volcom Fiji Pro exemplifies the 'Dream Tour' concept that we believe so much in."