Filipe Toledo. Photo: van Gysen
Filipe Toledo. Photo: van Gysen

One Perfect Score, Two Giant Alley-Oops for Filipe Toledo

Of the flood of 10-point rides, this one could be tops

The conditions at J-Bay this week have assisted on a handful of perfect-10 scores, but Filipe Toledo’s back-to-back alley-oop rotations in Round Four against Jordy Smith and Julian Wilson might go down as one of the best 10s of the comp so far, if not the year.

With speed to burn on a racing J-Bay section midway through the heat, Filipe popped for a first spin, landing in the middle of the face and maintaining his speed down the line for a second alley-oop — one that was high enough and quick enough that Toledo nearly over-rotated, but still landed in typical Filipe fashion.

The series had the commentators’ booth in shock. Pete Mel would later call it “probably one of the best waves ever in competition.” Shaun Tomson called it one of the greatest competitive rides he’d ever seen.

"The wind [is] really good for airs right now," Filipe told Rosy Hodge back on the beach. "It's really hard to surf when it's like this, to put your tail in the water. So I just had to go to the air, and it worked pretty good."

[Featured Image: Filipe Toledo. Photo by Alan van Gysen]

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