First Snow Kicks Off "Real" East Coast Surf Season

New Hampshire, Sunday morning. Photos: Nevins

New Hampshire, Sunday morning. Photos: Nevins

With the first snowfall of the winter of 2009-10 still fresh on the beaches of New England, SURFER photographer and friend, New Hampshirite Brian Nevins is ecstatic that the temps are finally falling. Though we on the West Coast tend to think of our eastern brethren’s best season as fall, Nevins says it’s the middle of the long, cold winter that “real” East Coast surfers wait for.

“It’s been so warm back here for this time of year, and it’s been depressing,” Nevins told us. “November averaged in the 50s everyday, so I was so stoked when it dropped below freezing yesterday and the snow started to fall. The snow is already melting, but within a month it will be a permanent fixture.”

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Nevins and his friend and fellow New England photojournalist Nick Lavecchia regularly send us snow-and-ice-scapes from one of surfing’s most hard-core communities. Check out a gallery we posted this past winter: click here.