30 Years of 'Flame'

Larry "Flame" Moore is an individual who bridges any type of chasm that may exist between the various competing surf media outlets, and this is because, plain and simple, the man is a legend. His 30-year-plus commitment to visually documenting our lifestyle and sport has been marked by a single-minded determination that seeks out nothing but the best, and because of this desire, Moore has played a guiding hand in pushing surf photography, performance and exploration to new heights and into previously uncharted waters.

Since the 1970s, Flame's presence as the mainstay in the Surfing Magazine photo department has brought countless surf sessions, contests and trips vividly to life, and now, in a collaboration with Surfing's Global Editor Nick Carroll, the very best photos from Moore's illustrious career are available in a huge, oversized tome entitled 30 Years of Flame. On offer in both standard issue and a bells-and-whistles special edition, 30 Years of Flame is, in Carroll's words, "A record of how Larry 'Flame' Moore changed the face of surf photography." Broken down into chapters that first broadly recount each decade of Flame's professional life, and then specifically focus on an individual highlight or turning point, the book is more than just a blow-by-blow retelling of Moore's career, it's a history of both the development of surfing itself and the act of documenting it. Populated with a cast of revolutionary surfers, photographers, writers and locations, 30 Years of Flame will deepen any reader's understanding of how surfing and surf photography arrived at today's state of the art through a visually stunning timeline of poignant moments.

With all the photos vividly reproduced in the massive format the book allows, 30 Years of Flame is a must-have for any surfer who has ever glanced at a page and been moved by a captured image, and is additionally indispensable for those interested in the evolution of the sport.

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