Flynn Novak on Winning the Kustom Airstrike

After much deliberation, the verdict was finally delivered. Flynn Novak's flip trumped Chippa Wilson's Big-Spin to take the Kustom Aistrike title and the $50,000 that came with it. It was a big day for Flynn, to say the least, but we wanted to know just what a $50,000 air felt like, so we tracked him down for the scoop.

So how did you find out that you'd won the event?

I actually just landed on Oahu coming from Bali and I was driving home when the phone rang. It was someone from the event and they were saying that they needed to ask me a few questions and wanted to get a couple of quotes for the site. I was pretty beat after traveling all day from Indo and then they said, "Hold on for a second…someone wants to talk to you." And that's when Dusty [Payne] got on the phone and told me that I won. It was just the biggest feeling of relief. So stoked. I didn't even know what to say.

I heard you used your last bit of money to go to Indo for the event at Padang that never ran. That's some pretty ideal timing—coming home from a trip on your last dime and walking straight into $50,000.

Yeah, totally. Even though the event never ran, I can't think of a better place to be than Bali. I think it was seriously the most productive trip I've ever been on. I got a cover from Waves and a couple of big interviews so I was already pretty stoked on the trip. And then to come home to this, it just feels really good. I've always kind of felt like things will sort of work out in the end. I've been trying so hard and spent my last bit of money and then this happened. So stoked.

Do you know how you're gonna spend the $50,000?

Ha, not really, no. I wouldn't even know where to begin. I guess I'll have to give it some thought. But right now, I don't have the money, so I'm not too worried about it. But actually, one of my friends has a birthday coming up and I'll probably make that night pretty fun. I'm not gonna spend a lot of it there, but just make it a fun night.

Do you think winning this event proves to people that you’re more than just a Pipe guy?

Totally. I mean, I'm considered a Pipe guy, but I'm a lot more than that and I think this showed it. Look at all of the "air guys" I just beat.

We know you've been on the hunt for a sponsor for a while now, how do you think winning this event will play into that?

I hope it works out. I feel like it should. By winning this thing, I think it gets my name out there a bit more going into winter and it should get me some good coverage. So if I'm a company, I'd think I'd be a good person to add to your team right about now. I'm not looking for any killer deals or anything, but I'm a workhorse and I'll get the job done.