According to the Daily Mail (and confirmed by the Waverley Council), the use of foil boards has officially been prohibited within the confines of Bondi Beach–one of Sydney’s most popular beaches.

Sydney’s southern beach is usually covered with tourists and locals, and in light of such, the Waverley Council in conjunction with local lifeguard management has made the decision to just disallow hydrofoil boards altogether.

“Hydrofoil surfboards [sic] began to appear at our beaches last winter, and are still quite rare,” says a Waverley Council spokesperson about the decision. “Due to their high speed (compared to a surfboard) and the metal-like keel that raises it out of the water, and with the interests of beach-goers safety paramount, lifeguards have determined it was too dangerous to allow these boards in crowded beach areas.”

Whether you love these guillotine-like toys or hate the sight of them, the news shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Have you actually seen someone riding one of these metal contraptions at a crowded beachbreak? It’s almost as nerve-wracking as watching this video of a foil-boarding kitesurfer plow into the side of a living, unsuspecting shark. Aside from people being for or again the new Bondi ruling against foil boards, it’ll be interesting to find out if other surfing hot spots follow suit with similar mandates.

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