Josh Seeman, Malibu. Photo: Ellis
Josh Seeman, Malibu. Photo: Ellis

Where’s Your Best Bet For Southern California This Weekend?

Where to break the flatspell fast, according to SwellWatch forecaster Nathan Cool

Feel that quickening in your chest? The news of a Southern-Hemi got your heart racing? For the first time in what’s felt like months, conditions in Southern California look favorable, even fun. Dawn patrol will look more like rush hour as we try to rinse away an underwhelming late season. To get a better idea of what spots will be reliable this weekend, we reached out to SwellWatch forecaster Nathan Cool for the skinny:

“Luckily, this swell is angled pretty good. It's at about 195 degrees, which means that a lot of south-facing breaks are going to see it. You need to make sure you're facing south, though. Much of San Diego faces west, so there’s a chance that it could miss the swell at its fullest potential. Places like the Wedge are going to pick it up, as well as other parts of Orange County. Where it's really going to fill in should be places like Malibu and County Line, those places. Even spots like C-Street up in Ventura will work this angle well.”

“This swell is even going to fill in farther north, too. Northern California is going to see some of this around Santa Cruz. The thing with Northern California, though – they're going to see, starting today, some groundswell come in from the northwest. They're going to see swell no matter what, at chest- to head-high or so. But Northern California has a lot of big-time windswell scheduled to come in on Saturday and especially Sunday. We're going to see some of that down here in Southern California, but not as much. We're still looking at west-facing breaks, from LA north, getting some good chest-high windswell. What that also tends to do is put some crossed-up lines in the swell for south-facing breaks. Sunday is when we're looking at a mix of swell coming in, and just about every south-facing break is going to pick some of this up.”

“The swell should stick around for the entire weekend. It will have gotten a little weaker by Sunday, but it should be chest- to head-high at a lot of the south-facing breaks. It'll really start dropping off on Monday, but there still should be some fun stuff out there. By Tuesday, it'll be almost completely gone.”