HUMAN TOUCH: Fred Patacchia

One of Hawaii’s brightest young guns talks story about the UH Rainbow Warriors, his love of the tabloid press, and why it is his dog is named Java Love but his favorite ice cream is Fish Food. is your favorite author and why?

Fred Patacchia: Don’t have a favorite author. I like to read US Weekly, FHM, People Mag. etc. you speak another language?

Fred Patacchia: Pidgen Beck or Nicole Ritchie?

Fred Patacchia: Nicole, she’s rich. you own a longboard?

Fred Patacchia: Yes, it’s 12’6 x 24 x 5 shaped by my Dad Daddy-O surf designs do you see yourself in 10 years?

Fred Patacchia: Retired from surfing 4 time world champ, rich as hell and well on my way to becoming a soap shoe freestyle walking champion. you train or work out other than surfing.

Fred Patacchia: Yep’s the best gift you’ve ever given?

Fred Patacchia: My first car and my first surf trip, both were from my grandma is your earliest surfing memory?

Fred Patacchia: My first surfboard, I got it for christmas. It was a Brian Bulkley, bright pink and green with barbedwire. is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Fred Patacchia: Fish food, Ben and Jerry’s is your favorite past time, outside of surfing?
Fred Patacchia: Sleeping you collect anything?

Fred Patacchia: Nope is your quirkiest pre or post surf habit?

Fred Patacchia: I don’t know if I have any pre or post surf habits is your favorite post surfing meal?

Fred Patacchia: Anything at Waialua Bakery, I always get a smoothie and a chocolate chip cookie. you have any pets?

Fred Patacchia: My dog Java Love. you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
Fred Patacchia: I’d like to speak another language. is the biggest issue facing the pro surfing world today?

Fred Patacchia: The magazines don’t support competitive surfing (The sport of surfing) they support the lifestyle. Photo guys are better known then some of the top 15 surfers in the world. you could change one thing in the world right now what would it be?

Fred Patacchia: I don’t want to be president is the oddest job you’ve ever had?

Fred Patacchia: My Dad wouldn’t let me get a job, but I did work in their surf shop for an hour everyday after school to break the workers for lunch. you could be sponsored by one non-surfing product, what would it be and why?

Fred Patacchia: Sean John, because I’m tall, dark and handsome biatch. you done any significant environmental work recently?
Fred Patacchia: Nope jobs do most of your friends have?
Fred Patacchia: Most of them work at restaurants or Pro surfers you a particularly spiritual person?
Fred Patacchia: Nope’s the biggest obstacle you’ve ever had to overcome in your professional career?
Fred Patacchia: Stop partying you could play any instrument what would you want to be able to play?
Fred Patacchia: Harmonica has music had a profound influence on your life?
Fred Patacchia: I don’t know, but I listen to music 24/7 you could rant and rave about one thing right now, open forum, what would you say?
Fred Patacchia: Go UH Rainbow Warriers