Balaram Stack weaves through New York tubes like he's riding the subway. Photo: Nelson

New York: Love it way more than Cali. We don't have as many surfers and we get the best of every kind of weather.

Trunks: Good at times, but I'd rather wear a short-arm full.

Blogs: Way too played out. If it's not funny or Dane surfing, who cares?

Tight jeans: Are meant for girls.

Pain: Equals pleasure?

Pleasure: Makes for a happy life. Don't go too long without it; you will get depressed.

Low-carb diets: I don't know what carbs exactly do for you, but I guess not eating them makes you skinnier. I think I need to go on a high-carb diet this winter.

Coffee: Gives you bad breath and stains your teeth.

Hawaii: Quik provides me with the world's best setup at Pipe in the winter. Couldn't ask for anything more except the wave of the winter.

Reef: Is the man. He keeps the Quik house sharp and is a master chef.