2009 Oakley Froggy Surf Lights Up The Lane

Santa Cruz’s Next Generation Of Rippers At Steamer Lane

It's really inspiring to see the talent that Santa Cruz has these days. The Fourth Annual Oakley Froggy Surf contest is a perfect forum for local surfers to put on a jersey and battle for bragging rights. All the boys and girls from all over town put on quite a show for the three hundred spectators that came out on a beautiful June Saturday. As a fresh 3-6 foot southwest swell filtered in, the crew wasted no time tearing the perfectly groomed walls Steamer Lane to bits.

The morning's low tide made for challenging conditions, but south swell magic came to life as the tide filled in throughout the day. Santa Cruz's next generation of rippers - guys like Nick Hernandez, Will Eagleton, Shaun Burns, Jon and Anthony Mel, Nick Erickson, Matt Myers, Austin Smith-Ford, Gabe Godfrey, and Kyle Boothman – all provided great promise of what’s to come, showing some serious flair for their ages. Seeing the kids surfing alongside veterans like Kieran Horn, Jason Collins, Pete Mel, Flea Virostko, Randy Bonds, and Josh Loya really gave testament to the talent level in Santa Cruz right now.

Oakley Froggy Surf's unique event, The West Side vs. East Side Airshow, proved to be one of the most exciting events of the day. Team East seemed to have some issues finding a rhythm for the first half of the half-hour heat, but found a few ramps in the final minutes. This gap left the door wide open for team West Side, allowing Nick Erickson to slam it shut with a super clean Passion Pop, sending the crowd on the cliffs nuts. Done. Count one for the West Side.

All in all, a great day of surfing was had and everyone left with smiles on their faces. Thanks to Osh “Frog” Bartlett and Oakley for hosting such a cool event. As the ol' yearbook saying goes “See ya next year”.

Mini Grom
1-John John Mel – $50
2-Sam Coffey
3-Olin Borgeson
4-Taj Carpenter

1-Nic Hernandez – $150
2-Willy Eagleton -$100
3-Wyatt Barrabee – $50
4-Max Nunes – $25
5-Tenzin Mendenhall – $15
6-Ben Coffey – $10

Jr Men
1-Gabe Godfrey – $300
2-Austin Smith-Ford – $150
3-Patrick Shanghessy – $100
4-John Wilson – $50
5-Nate Zoiler – $25
6-Chad Underhill $25

1-Camila Gerard – $50
2-Carly Wilson
3-Asia C
4-Laruen Mackey

Pro The finalists decided prior to the final to split the $3250 in prize money evenly and battle it out for bragging rights.
1-Bud Freitas
2-Noi Kaulukukui
3-Josh Loya
4-Tyler Fox
5-Aaron LaBlanc
6-Kyle Boothman

Best Team: West Side – $600
Best Individual Air: Nick “Parts Grom” Erickson – $100