FUEL TV: Thirty Surf Shows To Premiere On Fuel TV This Summer

Sonny Miller, Bobby Estil, Corky Carroll, Ira Opper – La Jolla, CA

For immediate release:
Surfer Magazine and Opper Sports Productions launch
Surfer Classics TV on FUEL.
SOLANA BEACH, CA (June 7) –Opper Sports Productions and SURFER Magazine
announce the premiere of "Surfer Classics TV" on Saturday, June 11 at 10:30pm ET/PT
on FUEL TV, Fox's action sports television network. The thirteen-week classic series
originally aired on international cable networks in 1989. The magazine-format program is
hosted by acclaimed cinematographer, Sonny Miller, with commentary from humorist
Corky Caroll, scientist Dr. Scott Jenkins, editor Paul Holmes, and writer Derek Hynd.

Each episode features profiles of then-contemporary surfers, Corky's Corner, Surf
Science, Video Reviews and Surf Reports. The Surfer TV crew traveled to the Caribbean
Islands, Hawaii, California, Mexico, and Indonesia. Surfers profiled included: Cheyne
Horan, Brad Gerlach, Kelly Slater, Shawn "Barney" Barron, Marty Thomas, Laird
Hamilton, Mark Foo, Shaun Tomson, Glen Winton, Tom Carroll, Christian Fletcher and
John Shimooka.

SURFER and the Opper Sports crew found themselves tangled up in many geopolitical
issues while filming such as race and surfing, the emerging women's surf movement and
the exploitation of a secluded surf destination. Also there were many landmark segments
including the late Mark Foo's underground tour of the famed North Shore, the profile of
young amateur Floridian competitor Kelly Slater, and the ship wreck adventure during
the search for the rumored perfect tubes off the coast of East Java.

According to SURFER publisher Rick Irons Jr., “Surfer Classics TV is a true time capsule
into one of the most important, innovative, creative times in our surf history. The surfers
from that time are still many of the faces we look up to today, just with bad haircuts. It is
fun to see where a lot of our roots today are from.”

This pioneering surfing series received a sports EMMY award in 1987. The series
producer and director Ira Opper said, "Our focus back then was to create a credible
surfing television series that would stand the test of time for innovation and authenticity.
The confirmation of our efforts is that fifteen years later Surfer TV is going to air in
primetime on FUEL."

Opper Films is the curator of the largest surfing film archive in the world, recently
providing footage for "Riding Giants" and Columbia's feature release, "Lords of Dogtown."
Opper Sports Productions has produced surf films and television programs for the past
twenty years. Series include: Surfer TV, Hot Water Tour, Frontline Sports Series, The
Surfers Journal and currently, Long Board TV.

To see if you get FUEL, visit www.fuel.tv.
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