Jeremy Flores was disqualified from the Breaka Pro on Saturday, after he was involved in a fight that included Sunny Garcia. Photo: Joli

Jeremy Flores was disqualified from the Burleigh Breaka Pro on Saturday after he was involved in fight with a local surfer. The altercation elevated when Sunny Garcia rushed into the water grabbed the local surfer in a headlock and repeatedly punched him in the head.

According to a news report on Australia's Channel 9, the altercation started when the local surfer and Garcia's son exchanged words in the lineup and Flores came to his aid. The three surfers then returned to the beach where they were intercepted by Sunny Garcia.

Garcia then allegedly assaulted an amateur videographer who was left with cuts, bruises, and a suspected broken hand.

The ASP has issued the following statement regarding Sunny Garcia and Jeremy Flores' disqualification:

"Following a physical altercation today, Jeremy Flores, has been disqualified from the event. The Association of Surfing Professionals does not condone any form of physical violence and we have strict rules in place for the conduct of any member both Jeremy and Sunny have also been referred to the ASP rules and disciplinary committee who will review the facts and make a decision if further action is required."

Although the entire incident was caught on tape no charges have been filed at this time. Garcia has made no statement.