McNamara Meets the Monster

In late July a booming swell rolled through Teahupoo and a bunch of guys (Mike Parsons, Brad Gerlach, Laird Hamilton, Garrett McNamara, the usual suspects, etc. etc.) were on it. Well last week Garrett McNamara made his way into the Surfer magazine office with a mini-dv of the goods. We had heard about the monster wave he caught during a debriefing over Chinese food in which Billabong Odyssey front men Bill Sharp and Mike Parsons revealed the heroics of the swell. In-depth play-by-play and analysis somehow digressed into Natividad horror stories, but not before hearing about Garrett’s score.

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lo-band McNamara Meets the Monster: Clip 1–600k

broadband McNamara Meets the Monster: Clip 1–1.6MB

broadband McNamara Meets the Monster: Clip 1–800k

lo-band Got Sack?: Clip 2–600k

broadband Got Sack?: Clip 2–1.5MB

broadband Got Sack?: Clip 2–1.5MB

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