January 18th – Longtime Hawaii surf forecaster and Honolulu resident George Mason, missing since the first week of November, has been found dead according to, his place of employment. His body was found, according to the same source, in the hills above Honolulu, at Tantalus near the radio towers on November 22 – but he wasn’t identified until today.

Mr. Mason was discovered missing when his landlord noticed him absent from his Round Top Drive home, and at first it seemed that he had just moved on as no sign of foul play was found in his residence. Yet as time went on with no word from him the situation took a more suspicious turn. Mason left several boxes labeled with cryptic messages in his home, and his weather blog had remained unchanged since his disappearance, an irregularity for a man with over 30 years of surf forecasting experience. Detectives are currently investigating the cause of death, though according foul play is not suspected.

According to his blog Mr. Mason published the first regular surf forecast in the Honolulu Advertiser in 1975, and subsequently had a lasting and versatile career as a surf forecaster. Working first as a television and radio meteorologist, he went on to forecast for in Hawaii for over 12 years. Working for before his disappearance, Mr. Mason has also done weather consulting for films like Point Break, Jurassic Park, Waterworld and 6 Days 7 Nights.