Gerard Butler Takes Two On The Head

300 Star Suffers Two-Wave Hold Down at Maverick's

According to reports, Scottish-born actor Gerard Butler, who starred in the film 300, suffered a two-wave hold down at Maverick's on Sunday while shooting for the upcoming film, Of Men and Maverick’s, about the life of the late Jay Moriarty.

Butler, who recently took up surfing to play the role of Frosty Hesson, was taken to a nearby hospital following the event, but is reportedly in good health.

According to a report published online in the San Jose Mercury News, the holddown occurred while Butler and others were shooting a scene and a 15-foot cleanup set washed through the lineup. Zack Wormhourdt, a Nor Cal big-wave surfer who was working with Butler, said that they approached the lineup with caution and were sitting outside the impact zone when the set washed through.

“It was probably the biggest set of the day,” Wormhoudt told the San Jose Mercury News. “It was intense for myself and I’ve been through a lot out there."

Wormhoudt went on to say that they took a "conservative line" while paddling out and that everything Butler was doing was within reason. “We took like four to five pretty big waves on the head. Basically there’s nothing you can do.”