GLOBE PRO FIJI CHAMP: Globe Skybox Winner Takes Home CJ's Board & Goodies

You know, real people actually win these things. It rarely feels like it’s YOU that’s winning, but it certainly could be if you’re following the Fantasy Surfer stats, checking the swell forecasts, and observing the mojo of the pro surf world with a steady eye. Just to show you that Fantasy Surfer winners are real people too – we caught up with the 2008 Globe Pro Fiji Globe Skybox Champion, Mark Mangubat in an attempt to pry some insider info. Here’s what Mark had to say:

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How many years have you played Fantasy Surfer?

Three years; Every year since Fantasy Surfer began. My buddies and I get into it.

You're obviously doing pretty well, do you have any special strategy that you would be willing to disclose to others

Well…not really. (Laughs) I have a couple guys that I pretty much always have on my team, but it's all mixed up now. Kelly's always on there.

Are there any dark horses you typically rely on? What was your Globe Pro Fiji roster?

Not really too many darkhorses, but for Fiji I had Kelly, CJ, Damien, Bobby, Timmy Reyes, Freddy P, Ace, Wardo. I think Wardo ended up being a good call. My buddy called me in the morning and said Damien isn't going to be there. So I pulled Damien off and put up Wardo. He made it into round 4.

What do you think is the hardest event to select your team?

Probably Brazil. I do look at the forecast. If there is going to be sizable swell I'll definitely change it up.

So you won the grand prize for the 2008 Globe Pro Fiji. What'd you come away with?

CJ's board, tons of Globe goods. I'm pumped. But I'm 6'2," and CJ's board is 5'10", so I'll probably let my twelve-year-old ride it.

Do you have any advice to offer the field?

No. (laughs.) I've got my eyes on the prize. I'm pretty psyched, I've been doing really well with a field of over 18,000 people so I'm gunning for that boat trip.