It’s time for the 2006 Globe WCT Fiji, and who better to give some Fantasy Surfer insight than Floridian pro surfers and Globe team riders CJ and Damien Hobgood?

Damien Hobgood’s Picks:

Andy Irons-
Over the years he’s been unstoppable in Fiji. Barrels,
huge turns, and those floaters at Cloudbreak, his act is as good as
there is out there.

CJ Hobgood-
He can get barreled, and got second last year. Has good
boards too. Couple real trusty gems.

Bobby Martinez-
What can I say, he’s been on fire and Fiji would be
another wave that’s right up his alley.

Fred Patacchia-
He made the semi’s last year and is coming off a second
in Tahiti last week. Really good barrel rider and appears to be in

Troy Brooks-
Tricky Troy is a dark-horse in Fiji. As a wild card,
before he made the tour, he did some damage in Fiji. Good value for
the money.

Mark Occhilupo-
Historically he’s been amazing in Fiji. I think we’ll
see a good event out of Occy. His power and style really shine in

Shaun Cansdell-
He could have a good showing in Fiji. I don’t know how
much he’s surfed there, but he can get barreled and do the power turns
the judges like.

Peterson Rosa-
Big barrels, big turns and crazy floaters; he charges. A
lot of people think he’s a bit ugly, but if you watch him out there you
know why they call him the animal.

CJ Hobgood’s Picks:

Damien Hobgood-
The last time he surfed a heat in Fiji he got a 10 and
a 9.7 to beat Andy in the final.

Joel Parkinson-
Joel’s ability to throw a big turn and look super
casual in the barrel is crucial in Fiji. His pricing is really good
too for what you’re going to get out of him.

Bobby Martinez-
I don’t know how much he’s surfed here, but he hasn’t
really surfed any of the waves on tour yet and it hasn’t really hurt
him. He can ride the barrel.

Bruce Irons-
Any of the regular footers that can do the butt drag stall
have an advantage out there. Bruce nearly invented it and was one of
the best in last year’s event.

Travis Logie-
He made the quarters last year in some of the best waves
we’ve ever had in Fiji. He can get the job done and I think could be a
surprise again this year.

Cory Lopez-
You can’t ever count out Cory in the big lefts. He can do
it all and he’s really experienced in Fiji and on tour.

Nathan Hedge-
He’s always a threat in the big lefts, with his ability
to get barreled and do huge turns. His 10 point ride last year was a
huge statement for him.

Peter Mendia-
Big Pete’s a wildcard. He got a 10 to win the trials
last year and then made one round. Goofy foot that can get barreled
and do big turns. Not much heat experience, but he’ll do well on his
raw ability in bigger surf.