On April 29th, Hawaiian power-surfing icon Sunny Garcia was rushed to an Intensive Care Unit in Oregon after a reported suicide attempt. He was in critical condition when taken to the hospital, but over the past couple weeks, there have been no updates on his status.

As Garcia remains in Oregon fighting for his life, friends of his family have set up a GoFundMe account to help raise funds to pay for the mounting hospital bills.

“As most of you know, he has been in critical condition since Monday the 29th,” writes the GoFundMe organizers. “True to Sunny, he is strong and he is fighting . . . each day brings a glimmer of hope but it will be a very long road ahead. His amazing family have been there night and day to support him and each other, but being away from Hawaii is incredibly costly and with each day the expenses grow. His children Kaila, Logan, and Stone bear an incredible financial burden – which should be the last of their worries at this time. We are reaching out to his friends and family in the surfing community for your help!”

At the time of this writing, pro surfers, friends and fans the world over have contributed to the campaign to help the Garcia family. If you’d like to donate money to help support Sunny’s family through this difficult time, click here.

“Most of you know how amazing Sunny is and how he has impacted so many people through his generosity, kindness and pure talent,” writes the organizer. “We want to help support his family in this tough time, so that they can be there for him without any stress or worry about their own finances while they focus on their father and his road to recovery.”