"The board is based off Barry Kanaiaupuni-style boards that were ridden in the '70s during the Shortboard Revolution," says Newport style master and shaper Jared Mell. "Alex Knost and his dad are friends with the Russell family of Russell Surfboards, and when he [Robert "Russell" Brown] passed away, Alex was invited to take a look in his shaping bay and there was an old BK shape sitting in the back, for who knows how long. Alex took a template off it and blended the curves to make it shorter. Then Rich Pavel and I retemplated that together and I used it to shape this. Obviously these boards aren't meant to be surfed in every type of wave, but I really admire the style of surfing that you can do on them. I've ridden triple stringers in longboards and they're a little stiffer and stronger because of the wood. But a clear triple stringer with a nice glass job is always going to look nice. It's like an old '50s coke bottle."