Victoria Surfer Escapes Great White Attack Unscathed

Marcel Brundler punches his way out of a close encounter with an apex predator

Swiss surfer Marcel Brundler, recounting his close encounter in an interview with ABC News.

Yesterday at Cathedral Rock, not far from Bells Beach along the Victorian coastline, Swiss-born surfer Marcel Brundler found himself in a helluva pickle when the dorsal fin of an estimated 10-foot great white shark appeared next to him in the lineup while he was waiting for a wave.

"My mate was screaming out, and I said 'Nah, don't worry, it's just a dolphin," recalls Brundler in an interview with ABC News, "but then I realized quick it was a massive dorsal fin—like, big. And I said, 'Oh shit.'"

Luckily Brundler had the presence of mind to not paddle off in a prey-like frenzy, but instead stayed still and did his best to keep calm. According to Brundler, the shark began circling him and he eventually lost sight of it. When the shark came up once more, it attacked Brundler.

"He got me up, [with] his teeth, and basically got my board,” Brundler says. “I felt his teeth on my hip, and all his saliva on my wetsuit, and he was kind of dragging me with the board for a little bit. That's when I was yelling out and punched him—just got him as hard as I possibly could. And it let go, but it wouldn't leave."

Brundler says that rather than attempt to paddle in with the shark on his tail, he stayed put after the attack and waited to catch a set wave in. Back on land, Brundler realized that somehow he’d only received “a little scrape,” and his thick wetsuit and surfboard took the brunt of the attack.

"Yeah, it was a pretty scary moment," concluded the oddly-calm Brundler. Click here to watch the full interview with ABC News.