SHARK ATTACK Monterey Local Attacked By Great White

This morning around 10:45 AM at Marina State Beach in North Monterey, California, a surfer was attacked by a fifteen-foot shark, which some have identified as a Great White. The victim, Todd Endriss, a 24-year-old graduate from CSU-Monterey Bay and well known surfer in the community, incurred two large bites on his body: one on his lower back which was reportedly bleeding profusely and another on the side of his butt. Apparently, the shark also took a large piece out of his board. According to a local surfer and cameraman who witnessed the attack, the man was flown to San Jose Medical Center by helicopter and is currently in critical condition.

Another witness at the beachbreak reported that the victim was still conscious upon rescue.

Local surfers in the community expressed that they have suspected sharks in the lineup throughout the week, and a few suspicious "thrashings" in the water have spooked ocean goers.

More to come on the attack as information becomes available.