There were waves in the 40-foot range Friday, with more swell expected to arrive over the weekend. Photo: Keith

Update: Greg has been cleared to come home from the hospital. Although he is thoroughly shaken, he is in good spirits and will be home to spend Christmas with his family. According to Greg it was “as close of a call as you can have.” We’ll have more details as they become available, but for now we’re glad that it was only a very close call, and nothing more.

According to early reports, Greg Long suffered a horrific fall while surfing the Cortes Bank on Friday. Long was airlifted 100 miles to a San Diego hospital from the scene with suspected broken ribs and a punctured lung. The injury was believed to be the result of a collision between Long and his board after he went down in the whitewater.

The Cortes Bank is situated 100 miles off the coast of San Diego which made the situation far more dangerous. Although the surf was in the 40-foot range on Friday, many surfers believe that the submerged island is the likeliest location for surfers to ride a potential 100-foot wave. A crew of big-wave chargers made the trek for the swell, which is expected to build through the weekend. Expect more photos soon on

Water patrol search for Greg Long in the whitewash after he impacted his board during his fall. Photo: Keith

Long receives medical attention on the deck of the boat after his wipeout. Photo: Keith

From the photos we saw, the wave of the day Friday at Cortes Bank. Photo: Keith

An aerial shot of the beast at Cortes Bank. Photo: Keith

Underneath this wave is a submerged island, on top of it is a hell-bent charger. Photo: Keith