Where's the Aloha?

Ventura, CA-The Groundswell Society (dubbed by Longboard Magazine as “surfing’s new voice of conscience.”) hosts for the 2nd Annual Surfing Arts, Science, and Issues Conference, on Saturday November 9th at the Ventura Holiday Inn from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. “Modern Surfing: Where’s the Aloha?” Will be the theme throughout the day, promising lively interaction among speakers and attendees.

“SASIC 2 is for those surfers interested in taking a compelling look at where surfing’s core values are thriving, and where they are dying on the vine,” states Groundswell Society co-founder, Glenn Hening. SASIC consists of a full day of 18 seminars covering all aspects of the sport and lifestyle of surfing. The event is available to environmentalists, surfers, and the general public.

Hour-long sessions and panel discussions covering topics ranging from corporate citizenship, surf localism, creating new places to surf, innovations in equipment design, and the importance of protecting the coastline, will be discussed in a relaxed yet intellectual environment.

General admissiion for the full day is $75, $50 for students & seniors. Register on the premises the day of event, call 805-382-0657, or contact matt@groundswellsociety.org.