SURFER Magazine Guest Editors: Jack Johnson & Chris Malloy

Our November issue marks the return of a signature SURFER Magazine concept, the Guest Editor. It was a decision we didn’t take lightly. We were fortunate enough to tap the creative juices of surfer/artist like Jack Johnson and Chris Malloy. The result is one of the most unique issues in our history. As expected, it’s full of their favorite people, places and stories bringing a glimpse into their worlds. But aside from the beautiful content, there are a few things that make this issue unlike any other.

First, it’s produced completely on recycled paper for the first time in Surfer magazine history. This is something we’re hoping to continue to do and we thank Jack and Chris for urging us to make it happen this time. Also, you might notice there are two different cover photos. Reason being, Jack and Chris couldn’t decide on just one. So we’ve split up the newsstand copies into two versions of the cover. Finally, you’ll probably notice there is no back cover ad. Both covers wrap around the whole magazine to give it a different, classic feel. Another Surfer first.

We’d like to thank Jack and Chris for taking the time to make this issue a historic one and we really hope you enjoy it.