Booze Giant Recycling Ridiculous Surf Ad to Celebrate Birthday

To celebrate their 250th birthday, Guinness is planning to re-air all their classic advertisements including "Surfer," the 1999 epic. With a running time of 1:31, there is plenty of time for director Jonathan Glazer to commit gross acts of inconsistency and nonsensical cuts, including the classic I'm-a-regularfoot-oh-no-wait-I'm-now-a-goofyfoot faux pas. Another highlight: three surfers in short swim shorts rolling around on the sand after a great ride. Oh, and wave stallions.

Strangely enough, the ad went on to win more awards than any other in 1999 and, in 2002, was voted "the best ad of all time" by Channel 4 and the Sunday Times in the U.K.
As a surfer, however, it comes across as nothing short of ridiculous. Still, a Guinness does sound good right about now, doesn't it?