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Ten weeks of oil flowing unfettered into the Gulf, and the apathy and incompetence continues. Despite hundreds of devoted volunteers honorably putting their energy and time into cleaning up the mess and protesting future offshore drilling, a surprising lack of a mass public outcry remains. Why is no one marching on Washington? Why don't the majority of people care?

I don't have enough fingers to point at the guilty parties. Nor would that be helpful. But I think the media (SURFER included) has failed miserably to report the severity of the situation and mobilize people to act. So far, every first-hand report I've heard from the Gulf has involved outrage over the media censorship that BP and the police have enforced. And on the surface level it seems the tactic has worked; Censorship lasted long enough for the media storm to pass on to some other current issue that they'll soon grow bored of.

Meanwhile, SURFER's own Kimball Taylor is currently on the Gulf experiencing what could be the last oil-free swell in generations, and witnessing first-hand the social, economical, and environmental impact the spill has had on the region. His ongoing reports and observations will continue to appear on this blog along with those of Shea Lopez, a Gulf Coast native, who has also been writing impassioned pleas to motivate people to act.

Now SURFER is calling on you, our readers, to send us your thoughts, feelings, and personal stories from the Gulf to be included in our dedicated blog to the Gulf spill crisis. The hope is that your stories will inspire others to do their part.

If you have a story or personal insight or photos from the Gulf, please send it to If you simply feel strongly and want to share your thoughts please comment on stories as they are posted.

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