Surfing Hall of Fame

In the late morning of August 1st, Huntington Surf and Sport’s Surfers’ Hall of Fame grew just a little larger, as four new surfers laid their prints in a fresh batch of wet cement on the corner of Main St. and PCH in Huntington Beach. Perhaps the most eclectic mix of surfers to be inducted to date was honored, as the group included Jack O’Neill, Shaun Tomson, Tom Curren and Andy Irons, a smattering of surfers that collectively spans more than 50 years of surf history. O’Neill, of course, is the iconic father of the wetsuit. With five world titles between them, Tomson, Curren and Irons are each icons of their respective generations, as well as together representing the rise of progressive surfing from the ’70s to the present day.

Since 1997, HSS has been sponsoring the Hall of Fame to honor surfing’s most important figures.