Let’s face it, this whole COVID mess has got us all going a little stir crazy. While gorging Netflix or learning how to cook may be enough to satiate the masses, the lockdowns, the travel restrictions, the Groundhog Day-esque monotony of it all threaten to fly many a surfer off the handle. But would it push you into one of the most formidable slabs on the planet? 

For renowned shaper Dylan Longbottom and a gaggle of fellow-NSW mad men, the opportunity to navigate the treachery that is Cape Fear presented a welcome respite from the mundanity of lockdown. With Cape Solander opened for short spell, and a run of southeast swell in the water, a frothing crew of chargers attempted the cleanse themselves of their cabin fever, testing their mettle in some capacious Cape Fear caverns.

Click play to watch the crew smile in the face of Cape Fear over the course of two days, the first of which nearly looks inviting–though that might be the lockdown talking. 

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