Healey’s Eddie Warm-Up

Mark Healey describes the anticipatory atmosphere as Hawaii prepares for the Eddie

Mark Healey turns off his phone for long enough to wax his board and have a warmup session at Waimea. Photo: Noyle/SPL

“Eddie fever” is in full effect here. My phone has been ringing off the hook with everybody and their Brazilian grandmothers wanting to know what’s going on. It’s like they think I’m the Wizard of Oz, because I can understand a forecasting website that anyone with a sixth grade education and a half-hour should be able to comprehend. It’s usually about three days before one of these big swells is due to arrive that a ruthless call-screening process begins. With phones off, Greg Long and I decided to join the party down at 12- to 15-foot Waimea Bay Sunday morning. We both had new boards that we wanted to try before D-day. Because of the extreme westerly direction of the swell, the Kauai-shadowing was in full effect here on Oahu, which made for a smaller than anticipated swell with long lulls. In typical form, I managed to poke on a 10-footer and break my brand new 9’4″ right off the bat. Greg decided to do a marathon session, so I went for a guarantee: Waimea shorebreak. After a bit more abuse, I managed to break another new board and call it a day. Waimea: 2 – Healey: 0.

–Mark Healey

Big-wave cohorts Mark Healey and Greg Long gaze into the eye of the storm. Photo: Noyle/SPL

It's easier to dial Healey's phone number than sift through swell forecasts. Healey takes another call while they prepare for the approaching swell. Photo: Noyle/SPL