Over the past few weeks, the popular surf destination of Lombok, Indonesia was been hit with a series of deadly earthquakes. The first was a 6.4 magnitude quake, which engendered massive landslides and killed 16 people. The next major one–a 6.9 quake–killed over 460 people and destroyed homes, mosques and businesses.

Unfortunately, the devastation didn’t stop there. Just a few days ago, another 6.9 mega-tremor shook the island, killing at least 10 and destroying over 150 homes. According to Express News, over 100 shocks have been recorded since the latest major quake, and collectively the series of tremors has resulted in hundreds of thousands of displaced residents who’ve been finding temporary shelter in open fields.

If you’re interested in lending a hand in relief efforts, the Changing Tides Foundation is organizing a fundraiser to help support on-the-ground organizations like Project Karma and Team Action Amed, who are working to get supplies from Bali to Lombok. So far CTF has coordinated with Yachtaid Global and Project Karma to provide almost 300 water filters to the communities of Lombok. Visit changingtidesfoundation.org to learn more or donate HERE.