Here Comes Neon: The Echo Beach Challenge

Bright colors, headbands, and radical swimwear, welcome to Echo Beach. Photo: Moir

Bright colors, headbands, and radical swimwear. Welcome to Echo Beach. Photo: Moir

Surfers of the ’80s are hard to forget. Wrapped in neon and covered in day-glo, they made certain to leave a blindingly memorable impression. But for those who may have forgotten their legacy, fret not; the Quiksilver Echo Beach Challenge hits Newport Beach September 25 -26 and promises to revive the ’80s spirit.

"The Echo Beach movement surfaced nearly 30 years ago, holding its first competitive event and securing a place in the fabric of surf history and culture," says Bob McKnight, Quiksilver CEO. "We are proud to host the Quiksilver Newport Beach Surf Championships and Echo Beach Challenge for a new generation of surfers at this historic surf spot."

The event includes era-appropriate contests for superlatives like "Flashiest Wetsuit" and "Most Colorful Surfboard," and offers over $5,000 in prizes for entrants (by invitation only). To cap the weekend off, Quiksilver will be holding a private screening of the documentary, Echo Beach, directed by Jeff Parker.

“With this film, we wanted to tap into the spirit and energy of that time," says Echo Beach co-producer Stefan Jeremias. "The Echo Beach Challenge promises to be an extension of that.”
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